iBeLink BM-K1+ 15 TH/s 2250W (KDA)


iBeLink’s ASIC model designation BM-K1+ mining Blake2s algorithm (Kadena) with a maximum hashrate of 15TH/s for a power consumption of 2250W.

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  • Incredible Return on Investment with KDA


    iBeLink BM-K1 supports POW Blake2s algorithm digital currency (KDA) at 15 TH/s hashrate and 2250W power consumption.


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    ✔ Support for POW Blake2S Algorithm Digital Currency (KDA)
    ✔ Support for mainstream stratum protocol mining pools
    ✔ Provides a web interface management platform that simplifies system setup and large-scale deployment
    ✔ The web interface provides calculation statistics and mining status monitoring
    ✔ Supports the use of a web interface to restart mining software or systems
    ✔ Provides a self-test function of the power-on system and monitors the status of the chip in real time
    ✔ Provides calculator blade LED status display for large-scale mine machine management
    ✔ The setting and automatic switching of the main and multiple standby pools are provided
    ✔ It has the function of independent error monitoring and automatic restart recovery of calculating blades
    ✔ The Hardware Watch Dog ensures that the system recovers automatically from network or system errors

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